Dutch Police and Protesters Clash Over COVID-19 Restrictions

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  • Protesters in the Netherlands have defied a government ban on large protests to condemn the new coronavirus restrictions implemented by the authorities in response to the local and global surge in cases
  • This led to violent clashes between the demonstrators and the Police when riot police attempted to dispel the crowd, leaving at least 30 persons detained and four officers injured
  • The new rules in the Netherlands prohibits public gatherings of more than two people, as a measure to curb omicron spread in the country
  • The protesters, most of which did not wear masks or comply with social distancing measures, ignored an order to suspend the march and instead, walked along a main thoroughfare, holding yellow umbrellas to oppose the measures
  • The Netherlands went into a lockdown on Dec. 19, with the government ordering the closure of all but essential stores, as well as museums and gyms, until Jan. 14, when the need for the measures will be re-evaluated