Idaho's Lieutenant Governor Banned State Vaccine Mandates in Governor's Absence

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  • Idaho Republican Gov. Brad Little left the state on Tuesday, his lieutenant, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, empowered with executive authority in his absence, then used the opportunity to ban statewide vaccine mandate
  • The acting governor issued an executive order banning state officials from requiring COVID-19 vaccine passports from new or current employees, a move Little says he would repeal as soon as he returns to the state
  • This is the second time the state's top two officials are battling over executive orders in which McGeachin reversed Little's order in his absence
  • While Little attended a Republican governor's conference in Nashville in May, McGeachin banned local governments from issuing mask mandates, an order Little repealed when he returned the next day
  • Idaho's constitution allows the lieutenant governor to take over power when the governor is out of state. Gov. Little is currently touring the U.S.-Mexico border with a group of Republican governors