Pfizer Booster Tied to Lower COVID-19 Rates in Health Workers

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  • Israeli healthcare workers have reported significantly fewer cases of COVID-19 after receiving a third dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines, according to a single-center study published Monday
  • The researchers led by scientists at Tel Aviv University assessed COVID-19 infection rates among 1,650 healthcare workers with normal immune strengths given a booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine and compared them with 278 who were not given a booster
  • During a median 39 days of follow up, only 44 of 1,928 participants were diagnosed with COVID-19, five of whom were boosted participants while the other 39 did not receive the shot
  • The researchers said the findings substantiated earlier Israeli studies among multiple age groups and those in people older than 60, which found that booster shots significantly lowered infection rates
  • As a result, experts have said that the third dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines yields significant immune response to preclude an additional dose or future boosters