Risk of Heart Inflammation After Pfizer's COVID-19 Shot is Small - Israeli Study

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  • A new Israeli study has found that the risk of heart inflammation following the Pfizer COVID-19 shot is very small and eminently treatable
  • This comes as health agencies report that available coronavirus vaccines were associated with a risk of heart inflammation
  • The study conducted by Israel's largest healthcare provider, Clalit, and Bellinson Medical Center examinated data of 2.5 million vaccinated Israelis, 94 percent of whom had received full doses of the vaccine
  • The study found that heart inflammation occured in only 54 of those people, that is 2.13 of every 100,000 vaccinees. Of these, 98 percent had only mild to moderate symptoms without any damage to heart function
  • Only one of the 2.5 million persons had severe heart inflamamtion that was subsequently treated