Survey Says Vaccine Skeptics in the U.S. Are Unlikely to Be Convinced

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  • A large number of unvaccinated Americans hinge their decision on immunization on mistrust of health authorities and vaccine skepticism, and very little can be done to convince them to take the shots, survey by CNBC/Change Research has found
  • Change Research surveyed 1,775 respondents from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 about their views on COVID-19 vaccines and related issues
  • Among the 29% of U.S. voters who are unvaccinated, more than 83% of them say they do not plan to get the vaccines at all. Further, 84% of the unvaccinated respondents said their decision to not get the shot would not change even if the vaccines had no side effects
  • This comes as President Joe Biden announced a plan last week to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for all federal workers and encourage private employers to implement a similar mandate
  • According to the survey report, 87% of unvaccinated respondents said they still would not get the shots if their employer mandated them