Make Health & Safety
a Top Priority

Return to and stay in business with confidence through global health and well-being standards developed by Global HealthcareAccreditation, and TrustAssure™, a technology platform developed by CLXHealth and SiriusIQ that offers secure, confidential, personal health attestation for the digital age.

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About GHA TrustAssure™

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) and TrustAssure partnership assists organizations to create safe, health-centric workplaces and prioritize well-being for employees, visitors, and travelers to meet the need of the current crisis and beyond.

The GHA TrustAssure Program builds the foundation for more sustainable business practices to mitigate a comprehensive array of risks to safety and well-being in the workplace and in the community.

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Confidence in the Seal

The GHA TrusstAssure Accreditation Seal provides confidence that an organization prioritizes employee, visitor, and traveler health. We believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy, safe environment to ensure good productivity, good business practices, and good experience. 

Helps Get and Keep You In Compliance …

Through the TrustAssure application, organizations document compliance with safety standards to reassure employees, visitors, and travelers maintain ongoing compliance with requirements and regulations. We train and direct staff on processes and capture crucial information to ensure safety standards are met. We apply policies, procedures and guidelines for each location and persona and provide a complete management suite—powered by Viral Encounter Risk Assessment (VERA)™.

Comprehensive Technology Solutions for Health-Safe Environments

TrustAssure connects individuals enrolled through enrolled organizations to an extensive network of over 15,000 integrated labs worldwide and securely delivers through the application verified COVID-19 testing results which can be shared by individuals with organizations, employers and other parties. It also manages COVID-19 vaccination records and compliance with clinically sound standards while protecting an individual’s Personal Health Information.


Global Network of Labs

Prevents Test Result Tampering

Preserves User Privacy

Auditable Information Chain

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

Scalable to Millions of Users

Easy to Deploy and Easy to Use

Accreditation Elements

  • Element 1 – Organizational Commitment Statement
  • Element 2 – Leadership Roles andResponsibilities
  • Element 3 – Quality Improvement
  • Element 4 – Staff Training and Competency
  • Element 5 – Goals, Objectives, and Targets
  • Element 6 – Safety Conformity and Compliance
  • Element 7 – Clearly Defined Policies and Procedures
  • Element 8 – Meetings and Travel
  • Element 9 – Effective Communication Plan and Processes
  • Element 10 – Physical Environment
  • Element 11 – Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
  • Element 12 – Risk Management
  • Element 13 – PhysicalHealth Benefits
  • Element 14 – Commitment to Physical, Behavior, Mental, and Emotional Well-being
  • Element 15 – Commitment to Financial Well-being
  • Element 16 – Benefits Alignment


Travel & Transportation
Restaurant & Grocery
Healthcare / Medical
Professional Services
Real Estate
Any organization with or without physical location

“ReadyTo Work,”,
“ReadyTo Visit.”

The GHA TrustAssure Program offers a clinically sound approach for creating a COVID-19 negative, health-safe environment to help keep employees, visitors, customers, and most importantly, residents safer.

“Ready to Work”
"Ready to Visit"
"Ready to Travel"

“ReadyTo Travel”

Selected by top industry players on both the integrator and customer side and in collaboration with the world's largest system integrator and leading expert on travel use cases, TrustAssure worked to map all aspects of passenger and crew journeys for air travel and is now working with multiple top airlines like Delta, SkyTeam, United, (and more) to roll out a clinically sound approach to COVID-19 negative flights.

TrustAssure provides advanced health analytics platform provides real-time statistics, metrics and indicators to enable crew and guest management for pre-boarding, on-boarding and in-port visits, underpinned by high-level security to protect individual health information. For travelers, TrustAssure creates a COVID-19 negative and/or vaccinated traveler status to streamline the boarding process and alleviate many of the concerns of destination requirements. Individuals using the TrustAssure application can share their “ReadyTo” status in a privacy protected way.

An Extensive TrustAssure™ Partner Network

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