Obesity Control Center Reaffirms Commitment to Quality Care Through Latest GHA Accreditation

October 9, 2023

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, October 10, 2023 — Obesity Control Center has been awarded Accreditation for Medical Travel Services by Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) for a second term, underscoring its commitment to exceptional care for traveling patients. Obesity Control Center was first accredited by GHA, the global leader in medical travel accreditation, in 2019.

Under the direction of renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Ariel Ortiz, Obesity Control Center has become one of the top destinations for weight loss procedures in Latin America with an impeccable track record in safety measures on over 30,000procedures. "Our patient-centered approach, outstanding surgical outcomes and uncompromising focus on safety have established our reputation as a premier bariatric surgery provider in the region," said Dr. Ortiz.

Dr. Ortiz is considered an international expert in laparoscopic gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric banding procedures. He leads a team of board-certified surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and support staff who are specially trained in bariatric surgery.

Obesity Control Center, through the Mexican Board of Health Tourism and strategic alliances with Industry, Government and International Agencies, is leading the way in elevating the standard of care in Mexico and the Baja region and working tirelessly to promote high quality, affordable and, above all, safe healthcare solutions for international patients, pioneering the way to a more open and accessible cross-border health market that can benefit international patients, alleviating an overburdened US health system while benefiting the economies on both sides of the US-Mexico spectrum.

"Achieving GHA accreditation for a second term was an invaluable exercise that enabled us to critically evaluate our processes through the lens of the medical traveler," explained Dr. Ortiz. "The in-depth assessment ensured we mitigate risks and safety concerns that may arise when patients travel internationally for medical care. It has given us a framework for continuously enhancing our services, implementing best practices, and exceeding patient expectations," he added.

Global Healthcare Accreditation is a renowned organization in the medical tourism and health tourism industry. GHA accreditation serves as a symbol of trust, assuring patients and international payers that healthcare and dental providers have implemented comprehensive procedures and policies to enhance patient safety and the overall patient experience. Additionally, the GHA accreditation process positions healthcare providers to attract and serve medical travel patients, thereby improving not only clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction but also positively impacting the organization's business performance. 

“We congratulate Obesity Control Center on attaining GHA Accreditation for a second term and for their dedication to excellence in medical travel," said Ms. Renée-Marie Stephano, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Global Healthcare Accreditation.”Ms. Stephano went on to say, “GHA standards focus on key areas that build patient trust and provide assurance to those traveling for treatment. These include Care Management, Communication and Education, Cultural Competency, Patient Advocacy, Risk Management and more. Obesity Control Center demonstrated that they meet rigorous international standards throughout the patient journey. From initial inquiries to post-discharge support, they provide personalized, high-quality care with a spirit of genuine compassion.”

To promote awareness of the importance of GHA accreditation for safety and patient experience, Global Healthcare Accreditation has launched an extensive bilingual (English and Spanish) consumer and buyer marketing campaign. The objective is to educate the marketplace about the significant benefits of choosing hospitals that have achieved GHA accreditation for their medical tourism programs.

With Obesity Control Center renewing its GHA Accreditation, the organization continues as an esteemed member of GHA’s internationally recognized provider network. This recognition also leads to increased visibility through GHA's consumer awareness initiatives, reaching a global audience and further establishing Obesity Control Center as a trusted and preferred healthcare destination worldwide.


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