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The GHA accreditation process helps healthcare providers optimize and enhance all touchpoints along the Medical Travel Care Continuum by:

  • identifying gaps;
  • improving efficiencies;
  • fine-tuning performance; and
  • sharing best practices.

However, it is not just about demonstrating that a healthcare provider follows processes and a set of standards, it is about self-examination and continuous improvement. This translates into a better care experience for traveling patients which is linked to better healthcare outcomes and financial performance.

How can GHA benefit your organization?

  • Enhance the patient experience

    GHA strives to assure that the patient is actively engaged and that the organization is proactive in managing cultural sensitivities and communication at each touch point along the Medical Travel Care Continuum™.  GHA assists in mitigating any vulnerabilities at each touchpoint to facilitate an excellent patient experience.

  • Improve performance

    GHA accreditation creates awareness towards ongoing operational consistency and quantifiable performance regarding medical travel in order for organizations to improve over time.

  • Increase credibility

    Third-party validation of your medical travel services. For patients and buyers of healthcare services, GHA provides an immediate means of recognizing the highest standard for medical travel services. GHA has been recognized by one insurer, Saudi Enaya, which is contracting with selected GHA accredited organizations as part of their network.

  • Raise visibility

    GHA regularly participates in international healthcare events including hosting Medical Director Summits, participating in Ministerial Summits, roundtables and focus groups, while quickly building a growing social media presence. These initiatives and others have allowed us to develop a vast database that benefits our clients through visibility, connectivity, and networking events.

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