Medical Travel Strategies for Success During Challenging Times

The past two years have been difficult ones for medical travel programs across the globe. Travel restrictions or an influx of COVID-19 cases (in the case of hospitals) forced some organizations to reduce operations or in extreme cases shut down. While medical travel has increased over the past year and there is pent-up demand for medical travel services, challenges remain with emerging new variants. In this webinar, the directors of three ambulatory centers in Latin America discuss the challenges faced and strategies and tactics deployed for sustaining (and in some cases growing) their medical travel programs and how to integrate resilience into your organization for future challenges


Medical Travel Services: Building Patient Trust in a COVID 19 World

This webinar takes a look at each touch point on the medical travel care continuum and review recommended protocols to reduce COVID-19 risks based on GHA’s recently issued COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programs.


Road to Recovery: Aligning your Medical Travel Business Plan with a Post COVID-19 Reality

Learn about:

  • Mitigating potential risks as you move to the “New Normal”
  • Analyzing the four core dimensions of your business model – Key Questions & Issues to Consider
  • Aligning the four core dimensions to maximize preparedness for a Post COVID-19 Reality
  • Considerations for Developing an Action Plan and Timetable
  • GHA COVID-19 best practices related to the Medical Travel Care Continuum