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Global Healthcare Accreditation for Medical Travel Standards 4.1 and 5.0 have been accredited by The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua EEA).


GHA Standards Accredited by ISQUA

Global Healthcare Accreditation for Medical Travel Standards 4.1 have been accredited by The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), through its recently formed accrediting arm, The International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA).


Free Webinar: Building Trust, Driving Growth: A Success Story in Medical Travel Through Exceptional Patient Experiences

Join us for an insightful webinar where we will explore the transformative power of exceptional patient experiences in driving growth and building trust in medical travel. Through a compelling success story presented by Dr. Andrea Maggioni, Director, Global Health at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami, Florida, USA, we will delve into the strategies and best practices that hospitals can adopt to elevate patient experience and expand reach, with the end goal of attracting more international patients.  Exploration of strategies, including the development of key global partnerships and telehealth, will be included.
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A Word From Our Clients

Dr. Andrea Maggioni

Director of Global Health

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

“It is a great honor for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to be formally recognized as the first pediatric program to meet the high standards of the Global Healthcare Accreditation Program. Our fundamental vision has always been “to be where the children are”, we are very proud of the accomplishments of our Global Health team to meet and exceed the unique needs of our extended international patient families, as well as the medical travel partners that support them throughout the continuum of care. We sincerely thank GHA for providing the tools and quality framework needed to measure and improve the fulfilling work we do every day.”

Dr. Juan Giraldo



 “Providing good quality care for our patients with a strong human touch is our philosophy. We have been committed to it for 25 years now. Nevertheless, in an attempt for continuous improvement and reinforcing impeccable services for our international patients, we decided to aim for accreditation on medical travel services provided by GHA. It has been a wonderful and extremely constructive experience. We found in GHA a group of bright, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals, totally committed to performing a detailed analysis, not only of our actual condition but most importantly, of our potential to improve. I believe that all the effort and work to meet GHA´s standards will take us to another level, not only as a patient-oriented service but as a regional player in the area of human reproduction.”

Dr. Heitham Hassoun

Vice President, and Medical Director


“Cedars-Sinai is a world-class teaching facility and a renowned center of medical research. As a result, we provide exceptional care to the people of our community, and to patients from across the country and around the world. Our goal is to ensure that all patients – regardless of their region or country of origin, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, or religious background – have access to high-quality healthcare services, compassionate care, and personalized support throughout their healthcare journey. We are very pleased to have achieved GHA accreditation which underscores our commitment to the wellbeing of traveling patients and their companions.”

Dr. Erik Fleischman

Former Medical Director Bumrungrad International Hospital

Even a top international hospital like Bumrungrad had much to learn from Global Healthcare Accreditation. We were a great hospital. We are even better now.

Dr. Nizar Zein

Chairman Global Patient Services Cleveland Clinic

We chose Global Healthcare Accreditation as it reviews those sustainable business processes and practices related to medical travel that have helped us identify areas of opportunity to enhance the patient experience and improve operational performance.

Jadranka Primorac

COO of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital

The GHA accreditation process taught us many new strategies to improve the patient experience for medical travelers and refine our operational procedures. We are extremely proud to have achieved Global Healthcare Accreditation as it validates our commitment to improving patient care and safety for traveling patients.

About Global Healthcare Accreditation

Global Healthcare Accreditation® (GHA) is a dynamic and innovative accreditation body with specialized focused in medical and wellness travel, safety, and well-being. Founded in September of 2016, GHA’s initial purpose as an independent accrediting body centered on improving the patient experience for medical travelers and supporting healthcare providers in validating quality, increasing visibility, and implementing a sustainable business model for medical travel. Since then, GHA pioneers a variety of programs covering the entire spectrum of the care continuum and offers certification and accreditation for stakeholders in all aspects of health and well-being.

The GHA Difference

The GHA Accreditation for Medical Travel complements existing national and international clinical accreditation programs. While these programs traditionally focus on the quality and patient safety infrastructure for the entire organization, GHA conducts a deep review of the organization’s medical travel program to enhance the Patient Experience, Sustainable Business Processes and Patient-Focused Clinical Processes. Thus, our standards are specific to medical travel and not redundant to JCI or other clinical accreditations.

Focused on the needs of Medical Travelers and International Patients

The GHA program complements existing national and international clinical accreditation programs. While these programs traditionally focus on the clinical aspects of care for the entire organization, GHA conducts a deep review of the International or Global Patient Services program, or the entity within an organization that serves the medical travel patient.

Impacts an Organization’s Financial Bottom Line

GHA ensures that organizations receive solutions that impact not just patient outcomes, but business performance and the organization’s financial health. Because GHA focuses on the entire Medical Travel Care ContinuumTM-those business functions within an organization that
impact the medical travel program, such as marketing, finance, and technology are included.

Supported by a Diverse Group of Stakeholders

Our advisory board includes representatives from leading hospitals and insurance companies, as well as organizations focused on patient experience, risk management, employee benefits, and medical travel facilitation. Additionally, GHA regularly surveys buyers of health services to
assure our standards are finely tuned to the needs of traveling patients seeking care under a variety of circumstances.

Provides Organizations with Increased Visibility

GHA regularly participates in international healthcare events including hosting medical director summits, participating in ministerial summits, roundtables, and focus groups, while quickly building a growing social media presence. These initiatives and others have allowed us to develop a vast database that benefits our clients through visibility, connectivity, and networking events.
The GHA Solution

Standards that Meet the Unique Needs of Medical Travel Patients

GHA standards help organizations optimize each touch-point along the entire Medical Travel Care Continuum - mitigating risk and enhancing patient experience.

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