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CERTIFICATION of excellence in medical travel patient experience

The GHA Certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience helps organizations to strengthen and sustain a robust medical travel program and recognize its excellence in compliance with best practices in patient experience and business practices impacting the medical travel patient. It is appropriate for organizations who do not currently have a national or international accreditation.

Through achieving Certification:

-Implement best practices as a foundation for an efficient and productive medical travel program;
-Validate the quality and performance of your medical travel program regarding Patient Experience and Sustainable - Business best practices;
-Increase your organization’s visibility to international patients and buyers;
-Enhance the patient experience across the organization’s Medical Travel Care Continuum;
-Further solidify commitment to excellence in the management and delivery of medical travel services.

The standards evaluated in the Certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience are organized in three (3) phases:

  1. Pre-arrival Communication and Education
  2. Care & Treatment Experiences
  3. Post-treatment & Follow-up

The primary difference between GHA Accreditation and Certification is that the latter does not include a review of the standards within the Patient-Focused Clinical Processes competency.

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