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Global Healthcare Accreditation’s Certified Medical Travel Professional

Delivering an outstanding patient/guest experience on a consistent basis is not something that can be improvised, it requires in-depth knowledge of your customers’ needs and expectations. There are considerations regarding culture and language, care management, travel coordination, risk mitigation and legal and privacy issues. Whether you work in the healthcare or hospitality fields, as a Certified Medical Travel Professional (CMTP) you will possess the skills and knowledge to facilitate the seamless integration of quality, safety and service at all touch points along the Medical Travel Care Continuum™.

CMTP includes the following learning modules:

  • MODULE 1: Introduction to Medical Travel
  • MODULE 2: Medical Travel Business Models
  • MODULE 3: The Medical Travel Care Continuum
  • MODULE 4: Facilitation of Care
  • MODULE 5: The Role of Hospitality in Medical Travel
  • MODULE 6: Payers in Medical Travel
  • MODULE 7: Marketing & Brand Management
  • MODULE 8: Managing Risks & Events “Business Health"
  • MODULE 9: The Importance of the Patient Experience
  • MODULE 10: Best Practices in Medical Travel
  • MODULE 11: Road to Recovery: Aligning your Medical Travel Business Plan with a Post COVID-19 Reality
  • MODULE 12: GHA COVID-19 Training for Medical Travel Programs


  • Healthcare Management Executives
  • Healthcare Practitioners & Professionals
  • Travel Agents
  • Facilitators
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers
  • Human Resources Executives


  • Understand motivations for medical travel and key stakeholders
  • Learn about the unique needs and expectations of medical travelers
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Medical Travel Care Continuum
  • Learn about payment models, risk mitigation and marketing
  • Learn how to deliver an outstanding patient/guest experience
  • Learn how to align your medical travel business plan in a post-COVID-19 world


  • Access to 248+ Online Continuing Education Resources
  • Access to all HREV Virtual Summit Webinar Replays
  • Enrolled in the Coronavirus Workforce Preparedness Training for Free
  • Provides You with Professional Recognition
  • New Career Opportunities
  • Offer a Higher Level of Knowledge / Experience to Your Clients / Employer


  • Register today by clicking here and gain immediate access to online course or participate in a live workshop held annually at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, or other select international venues. Contact for more information.
  • Introductory Education Program Participate: $1500.00 USD
  • Online subscription to the catalog of continuing education course
  • You have the choice of one of two continuing education subscription plans:
    $150.00/yr USD or $22.00/mon USD
  • Renewal cycle depends of the payment plan chosen
  • Recommended to complete ten (10) hours of continuing education annually

Become recognized as an expert in your field and the go-to person for healthcare and hospitality providers seeking top quality talent and exceptional services for their medical travel customers.

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