Helping People Achieve Better Health Through Innovation and Collaboration

Our goal is to create a more sustainable ecosystem by helping organizations build a strong foundation with the right business model and strategy to compete successfully in today’s global marketplace.

About HealthStars EXCELerator

HealthStars EXCELerator is focused on improving quality of life by improving access to health services for everyone, no matter where they live. HealthStars EXCELerator inspires the evolution of healthcare through innovation and collaboration based upon the following tenets. We believe everyone deserves affordable, high-quality healthcare through a universally accessible health system that works for everyone. HealthStars EXCELerator applies our deep knowledge and experience in medical travel and global healthcare and leverage our relationships and partnerships to support sustainable business ventures with shared vision, mission, and values.

We support organizations at every stage of development - from inception of the idea, to business modeling and launch, to growth strategies to support scaling the business of health. HealthStars EXCELerator knows launching or accelerating a global business in today's environment requires support. No one can go at it without expertise. That is why the HealthStars EXCELerator program provides mentors, collaborators, and partners who strengthen and advance corporate goals to reach its mission.

Who is Recommended to Participate in the Program?

Clinics and Specialty Practices Assets Review

  • Identification and review of current technology and processes used for patients with recommendations for improvement
  • Identification of gaps in the international patient process
  • Evaluate and score with recommendations for improvement of current patent experience and continuum of care
  • Evaluation and report and scoring of current patient pathway measured against current industry best practices


How Does HealthStars EXCELerator Help Your Business?

At the intersection of HealthStars EXCELerator, is a new hybrid meant to help organizations in their global healthcare development journey. Organizations apply to participate in the program which will last for six months as we work with accepted organizations to clearly define the goals, establish a means to achieve them, and provide the best chances of success. This may include strategy, business development, marketing and branding, market penetration, and more.

6 Month Sample Timeline

*Bi-weekly calls with GHA will focus on reviewing everything ongoing and address any specific parts of the timeline below.

**Some details of timeline may vary depending on each organization’s needs.

  • Review Application + Initial Onboarding Call
  • Identification of Mentors 
  • Introduction to Mentors
  • Assessment of your current business model
  • Bi-weekly calls with GHA team*“Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • “Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • Assessment of revenue models
  • Refinement of business model
  • Bi-weekly calls with GHA team*“Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • “Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • Marketing review and analysis 
  • Business development review
  • Bi-weekly calls with GHA team*“Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • “Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • Identification of potential customers, partners and strategic relationships 
  • Bi-weekly calls with GHA team*“Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • “Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • Introductions to potential partners or strategic relationships
  • Bi-weekly calls with GHA team*“Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • “Ask the Experts” Monthly Call
  • Introduction to potential partners or strategic relationships
  • Bullet list of strategic recommendations for next 6 months

HealthStars EXCELerator Advisory Program: What Happens After 6 Months

Option to Continue: $500/month for 12 months + Equity for Advisors. Organizations must agree to join the Advisory Program 60 days prior to the 6-month program ending in order to participate.

Investment & Requirements

Pre-Requisite for Admission into the HealthStars EXCELerator Program: In order to be accepted into the program the founder or co-founders must have started the process of Certified Medical Travel Professional program. Organizations must show the commitment to knowledge and best practices in the industry.

Pricing Options

$9,500 USD

Inception for a 6-month program for facilitators, tech and startups.

$13,500 USD

for Clinics and Specialty Providers.

Need help establishing which option is best for you? Contact us.