Field Review of GHA Telehealth Standards Chapter


We are pleased to announce that GHA has developed a Telehealth Standards chapter for Medical Travel Programs. Medical travel programs are familiar with the fundamentals of Telehealth and use the technology at many points in the medical travel care continuum. More recently, travel limitations from the COVID-19 pandemic have moved many medical travel programs toward expansion of their services to include offering second opinions and consultations with distant patients and healthcare providers, as well as providing health care disease management, rehabilitation and wellness services. These types of services can be offered to current patients and can help the medical travel program open new markets for their services. 

GHA recognizes that its current accreditation standards for medical travel programs do not adequately address all of the elements of a successful Telehealth program and Telehealth services. It is for this reason a new chapter of standards is proposed for use in the accreditation process for those medical travel programs with Telehealth programs or which are providing some Telehealth services. The standards would not apply if the medical travel program does not have a Telehealth program or is not providing Telehealth services. The possibility is also being considered that the Telehealth standards, alone, may be the basis for a future certification for Telehealth programs and services.

GHA will test this chapter during all upcoming surveys this year, scoring the measurable elements but not using these scores in the accreditation decision. Surveyors and clients will also be asked to comment on their effectiveness during the survey and a formal field review will also be initiated.  

To participate in the Field Review

At this point in the development of Telehealth standards, we are seeking the opinion and feedback of industry stakeholders. With your knowledge of GHA and the current healthcare environment, your opinions and suggestions would be very valuable.

In order to participate in the field review, please: 

1.   Download the Telehealth Standards Here

2.   You can access the questionnaire on Survey Monkey using this link.  

We thank you very much for your time and expertise in this new GHA initiative. A response by Monday, August 31st would be very much appreciated. Multiple responses from your organization are also welcome.


Paul Van Ostenberg, DDS, MS

Chairman of the Standards Committee

Global Healthcare Accreditation