Government Representatives from Hainan China Look to GHA for Insight on Medical Travel

A group of senior government representatives of Hainan, China’s Tourism Ministry recently sat for a 2-day workshop presented by Bill Cook, GHA’s Director of Business Development & Marketing. The workshop was presented not far from Newark, New Jersey as part of a study tour organized by the Hainan government. The workshop focused on medical travel trends and strategies for developing a sustainable medical travel destination, including training and accreditation of providers.

Over the last several years the Hainan government has been actively working on initiatives to develop the island as a health and wellness tourism destination. Under the plan, Hainan will tap its characteristic resources of vast coastal areas, tropical rain forests and hot springs to cultivate innovative healthcare and leisure products, and develop a high-end and medical tourism service system. As a demonstration project, launched in 2013 by the State Council to explore international medical tourism, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone has been granted nine special preferential policies including permission to import medical technology, equipment and medicine, and cutting-edge technological research on stem cells before other parts of China.

*Medical travel is also commonly known as medical tourism or health tourism.