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Free Webinar | Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP): Is It For Me? How Will It Help Me?

September 19, 2023 | 8 AM EST

Medical tourism is about providing patients around the globe with high-quality and affordable medical care options. As with many travel-related industries, it came to a standstill during the pandemic but is now experiencing rapid growth again and offers exciting career opportunities for professionals in healthcare and hospitality. Join Bill Cook, Global Healthcare Accreditation’s Director of Business and Marketing as he talks about the Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP) program and its benefits. Are you working in healthcare, hospitality, as a facilitator? Find out if CMTP is right for you.

About the Certified Medical Travel Professional®

Delivering an outstanding guest experience on a consistent basis is not something that can be improvised; it requires in-depth knowledge of your customers’ needs and expectations.  Additionally, there are considerations regarding culture and language, care management, travel coordination, risk mitigation, and legal and privacy issues.

As a Certified Medical Travel Professional (CMTP) you will possess the skills and knowledge to facilitate the seamless integration of quality, safety, and service at all touchpoints, for all clients.

Benefits of the Program

Becoming a Certified Medical Travel Professional® opens the doors for new opportunities in your career and expands your knowledge and experience in the medical travel industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand motivations for medical travel and key stakeholders.
  • Learn about the unique needs and expectations of medical travelers.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Medical Travel Care Continuum.
  • Learn about payment models, risk mitigation, and marketing.
  • Learn how to align your medical travel business plan in a post-COVID-19 world.

Certification Modules

The certified Medical Travel Professional course is made of 12, on-demand, easy-to-consume training courses, and 248+ continuing education videos.

Introduction to Medical Travel

Is medical travel growing, or has it hit its peak? What factors are driving medical travelers to seek care abroad? What types of treatments are they seeking? What are the latest trends in outbound and inbound medical travel? Who are the key stakeholders, and what does it take to develop a thriving medical travel destination? Learn the answers to these questions and many more as we take a deep dive into the past, present, and future of this dynamic industry.

Medical Travel  Business Models

Medical travel involves many different entities providing services to traveling patients before, during, and after their medical trip. Learn about the various business models employed by healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, wellness, and hospitality, as well as core business strategies to ensure your medical travel business is on the right path to success.

The Medical Travel Care Continuum

The Care Continuum in medical travel is unique. It incorporates interactions both within and outside of the healthcare setting, including stages such as destination and service selection, information sharing and planning, travel and accommodation, treatment, and follow-up. Learn what processes and activities need to be managed and optimized during the entire medical travel care continuum to ensure a safe and high-quality patient/guest experience.

Facilitation of Care

Medical travel facilitators are often misunderstood, but key players in the medical travel industry. Look at their key roles and functions, the value they provide, different business models, and the pros and cons of using a facilitator for patients and hospitals. Additionally, gain an understanding of important criteria facilitators should keep in mind when seeking partnerships with healthcare providers.

The Role of Hospitality in Medical Travel

Unlike your traditional healthcare delivery model, a successful medical travel initiative requires the participation of key stakeholders within the hospitality industry, including travel agencies, hotels, tour operators, airlines/airports, and ground transportation. This model will look at each of these stakeholders, including best practices, to ensure an outstanding medical travel guest experience.

Payers in Medical Travel

“Payers,” as the name implies, pay for healthcare services. Because of its global reach and the potential cost-savings involved, payers such as governments, insurance companies, and employers are increasingly entering the medical travel industry with unique business models, as well as challenges to overcome. Learn about self-funded employers, narrow networks, and how healthcare providers and payers are engaging in collaborative models that are benefiting the end-user – the patient.

Marketing & Brand Management

As the medical travel industry grows, there is increased competition between healthcare providers, facilitators, and other service providers to attract medical travel patients and guests. Learn why traditional marketing channels are increasingly being discarded in favor of digital marketing strategies such as social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and website localization. Providers who want to stand out and differentiate their brands must understand their strengths and weaknesses and clearly articulate the value they provide to consumers.

Managing Risk & Events “Business Health”

While there is no sure way to eliminate all risks in medical travel, there are steps you can take to reduce the probability of certain events occurring or understand how to deal with unexpected problems when they happen. Learn what you can do to mitigate risks in medical travel and never be surprised by the unexpected.

The Importance of the Patient Experience

The central theme that runs through all the CMTP modules is patient experience. While traveling patients are certainly looking for a successful healthcare outcome, they are also seeking warmth, empathy, and an understanding of their unique needs and expectations both within and outside the healthcare setting. Learn how factors such as corporate culture, the physical environment, communication, education, and patient advocacy impact the patient experience and how patient experience can lead to better healthcare outcomes and financial performance.

Best Practices in Medical Travel

Implementing best practices is one of the keys to success in the medical travel industry. In this module, we will review examples of best practices from leaders in the industry.

Road to Recovery: Aligning your Medical Travel Business Plan with a Post COVID-19 Reality

While medical travel programs have been hit hard by the current pandemic, we know this crisis will end. Already, there are countries who have begun to ease travel and social distancing restrictions, with the goal of returning to a semblance of normalcy – or “new normal.”  With this in mind, medical travel programs must make intentional decisions and take deliberate actions during this crisis with recovery in mind. You should start preparing now to ensure your organization is in the best position to succeed in a post-COVID-19 world.

Who Should Get Certified?

The Certified Medical Travel Professional® is a certification for all medical travel stakeholders, from healthcare management executives to insurance brokers.
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Features & Fees

This certification program has a continuing education subscription plan that’s designed to facilitate access to a catalogue of continuing education course materials in order to remain in compliance with your personal certification designation. You will be automatically enrolled in a continuing education subscription plan.

What will you receive with your purchase?

$1,500* USD

12+ hours of learning courses within 12 easy-to-consume modules
Access to 247+ Online Continuing Education (CE) Resources
198+ Page Workbook
100-Question Multiple-choice Exam
Coronavirus Workforce Preparedness Training access
The CMTP seal to use on your website or business cards
A digital Certificate noting your designation as a Certified Medical Travel Professional
Medical Tourism Calculator access
*Continuing Education Subscription Plan Annual Fee of $150.00.

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