Dr. Omar Shalabi

Dr. Omar Rajih Jamal Shalabi is a Division Head for the Central & Western Regions, Management Population Health Division at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH), a joint venture initiated in 2014.
He joined Jordan University in Amman-Jordan Medical College in autumn 1977 and graduated with an MBBS degree in Medicine in 1983. He completed a one-year Internship at Jordan University Hospital from 1983-1984, and a Residency program at Jordan University Hospital from 1984 – 1987, where he received a Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine.

After a short stint as a locum physician in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Shalabi joined Saudi Aramco in March 1988 full-time, where he held various positions including: Emergency Room Physician, High-risk Clinic Physician, and Group Practice. Since 1994, Dr. Shalabi has held a number of administrative positions ranging from Senior Physician, to Unit Head, to his current position as Chief Central & Western Regions Care Management/Population Health Division, Medical Care Management Department, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare. Dr. Shalabi is also assigned as Physician Manager upon full conversion to John’s Hopkins Aramco Health care as of May 1st, 2017.

During his career Dr. Shalabi has been certified in BLS, ACLS, ATLS, APLS, PLS, and was an ACLS instructor certified by both the Saudi Hear Association and American Heart Association where he lectured and toured on numerous medical topics. He is also a standing member of several medical committees including Pharmacy, Therapeutic, Medical Referral Board, and the Intra Regional Referral Committee. In 2014, he was selected by colleagues as a change agent with the John’s Hopkins Aramco Health Care Joint Venture Initiative.

Over his tenure in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Shalabi’ s responsibilities have included Contract Compliance and Management for over 100 facilities including Specialty Hospital Amman –Jordan (Referral Contract), Outreach Programs, Staffing Service Review, and Industrial Security and Occupational Medical Fitness Oversight such as with Firefighter Certification. Additionally, he currently serves as a Subject-Matter Expert in Personnel issues related to medical categorization and remuneration for employee leave time.

His emphasis on quality, safe and patient centered medical care is evident via his work to support Joint Commission International Accreditation for nearly 20 hospitals in the Kingdom since 1994.
Dr. Shalabi participated in the International Medical Tourism Conference (IMTC) in Amman Jordan May 30-31,2015 .Also he participated as a Speaker in the 8th Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress that was held at the Orange County Convention Center-west concourse-Orlando Florida during the period September 27-30, 2015 and the 9th Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress that was held in Washington D.C. during the period September 25-28,2016.The Medical Tourism Association President presented to Dr. Shalabi the year 2015 Global Insurance Leadership Award in recognition of the professional accomplishments in the Global Insurance Industry of Johns Hopkins Aramco Health Care and Dr. Shalabi Contributions in the Congress.

Dr. Shalabi accompanied by teams from the Medical organizations, HR, Personnel and others as needed toured so many locations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet with the Saudi Aramco employees and management and to visit the medical facilities that provide the care to the EMRs as part of the continuous efforts to address the needs, concerns and plan the necessary actions to handle the requirements keeping the customer satisfaction and the patient centered care as the main focus.

Dr. Shalabi believes that communication is the most important vehicle required to deliver excellent service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via the following acronym: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. These three elements work together for successful people and projects, and support controlled medical tourism which requires these attributes