Dr. Paul Van Ostenberg

Paul van Ostenberg has over 30 years of international leadership in health care quality, patient safety, health care accreditation and standards development. Most recently he held senior management positions at Joint Commission International (JCI) including Senior Advisor, Global Growth and Innovation and Vice President for International Accreditation, Standards, and Measurement and was the first Managing Director for the JCI Asia Pacific Office in Singapore, and the first Managing Director for the JCI European office.

In addition to his international leadership for JCI, he worked on special projects for WHO, the US Treasury in Saudi Arabia, USAID in several Eastern European countries and in Africa, most notably Eritrea. Along with the Pharmaccess foundation in the Netherlands and the Council on Health Services Accreditation of Southern Africa he helped develop the SafeCare program in resource poor countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

Paul is an exceptional educator and standards developer and has been recognized as such around the world including the 2015 Distinguished Service Award from the ISQua for this international standards work. Paul’s leadership has been synonymous with innovative strategic thinking, mentoring and compassionate team building.

Dr. vanOstenberg earned a BA (Bachelor of Arts) from the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. He also received a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from the Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia and an MS (Masters in Gerontology and Health Administration) from the Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.