Heather Saunders

Heather Saunders is an experienced and motivated registered nurse with a master’s degree in public health and certification in infection control. Heather uses innovative and strategic leadership methods to collaboratively engage populations in the prevention and control of infectious diseases. Heather first discovered her love for infection control (and chai tea) after a short-term assignment in Nairobi, Kenya where she worked with a multidisciplinary team to improve the understanding and prevention of infectious diseases.

After spending the first 6 years of her nursing career in busy emergency departments, she transitioned away from the bedside to engage in work at the Johns Hopkins Hospital as an Infection Control Epidemiologist. Following the completion of her master’s degree in public health, Heather became the infection prevention and control consultant for the State of Maryland, guiding infection prevention and control efforts during the COVID pandemic. Heather recently returned to Johns Hopkins as the Director of Infection Control for the Office of Population Health.

In her new role at Hopkins, Heather continues to collaborate with post-acute care facilities in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Heather is also the owner and lead consultant for Broad Street Prevention, providing consultative services in the prevention and control of infectious diseases to businesses and the healthcare industry.