Kelly Jenkins

Kelly Jenkins is a surveyor and consultant for the Global Healthcare Accreditation Program. She is a seasoned global executive with expertise in new market identification, revenue optimization and strategic business development. She helps companies identify additional business opportunities through strategic new market development, international customer/patient acquisition, engagement strategies, marketing, sales and operations. With experience gleaned from corporate America and global healthcare companies, she now consults multi-national businesses, governments, healthcare providers, and self-funded employers on innovative business modeling and strategic program development.

Kelly has in-depth expertise in global medical and wellness trends, particularly within the medical tourism industry, as she has studied and participated in the ever-changing industry for years. As a former medical travel facilitator, a hospital international executive, and an advisor for international patient pre/post treatment continuum of care, Kelly understands the complete cycle of new business development, research, strategic program development, implementation, and post care analysis and program/strategy refinement.

Kelly is equally passionate about the user experience. With her global networking skills in tandem with her in-depth knowledge of consumer and corporate health and wellness trends, services and solutions, Kelly focuses on using patient engagement as the foundation for business success. As a breast cancer survivor, she is committed to furthering education, rehabilitation and continuing care for all ages and types of patients, facing a myriad of healthcare needs.

Formerly, Kelly was with NueHealth at the Miami Medical Center, as a Vice-President of International Business Development and Director of Patient Experience. Postcancer, Kelly consulted for Miami based Welwaze Medical helping them launch an innovative new medical device designed as an adjunct technology for early breast cancer detection. Most recently, Kelly worked with the Medical Tourism Association as the Vice-President of Middle East Operations.

Ms.Jenkins career spans 35 years in strategic business growth starting with 15 years in senior positions with Nordstrom, where she honed her focus on stellar customer service culture. At Kronos Optimal Health, she was VP of Marketing,then VP, Kronos Corporate and Community Wellness, responsible for the strategic development of the wellness business unit. Prior, Kelly was General Manager,International Business for SkyMall, where she developed the international business model, then implemented and marketed global operations in Europe and Asia.

As an international healthcare and medical travel industry expert, Kelly has spoken to audiences throughout the US Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Kelly earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Brigham Young University’s School of Management, with a focus on economics and marketing.