Renée-Marie Stephano, JD

Renée-Marie Stephano, a luminary in the realm of global healthcare strategy, is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Healthcare Accreditation where she brings 20 years of international experience in strategy, service development, and business development expertise to GHA’s expanding global client base. Her innovative spirit has led her to spearhead a comprehensive suite of professional training and certification programs. These programs are meticulously designed for diverse sectors, including workplace well-being, healthcare, hospital management, and tourism, specifically addressing the niche needs of medical and wellness travel.

She held the esteemed position of CEO at Global Healthcare Resources (GHR), a premier consultancy and market solutions powerhouse specializing in International Healthcare, Medical Travel, Wellness Travel, and Corporate Health & Well-being. With a rich background as a corporate transactional law attorney, a credential she earned after an academic journey at Villanova Law, Ms. Stephano transitioned seamlessly into the global healthcare sector, driven by a profound commitment to transformative healthcare policies and practices.

Her journey is marked by her significant contributions to domestic and international governments and premier healthcare institutions, to whom she offers her expertise in crafting sustainable, patient-centered medical travel programs and cutting-edge strategies. Renée-Marie's role as the principal consultant for an extensive array of U.S. and international government initiatives is a testament to her versatility and vision.

Under her strategic helm, GHR extended its global impact, nurturing a robust network that connects over 2 million executives and professionals. This connection is facilitated through a dynamic blend of managed organizations, widely recognized events, authoritative publications, and an expansive, engaged social network. Her influence is not just vast but deep, with a focus on enhancing patient experiences and safety through the advocacy for the establishment of rigorous, global standards for medical travel.

Ms. Stephano is the co-developer of the Medical Tourism Index, the first academic and published tool use to rank destinations for their attractiveness in Medical Tourism.

Renée-Marie’s passion is not solely confined to policy and network building; she is deeply invested in fostering transparent, quality-driven connections between health providers and a global clientele. She champions transparency in healthcare quality and pricing, and relentlessly promotes international best practices tailored for health and wellness travelers.

In addition to her expansive roles, Renée-Marie contributes her expertise as a Director of the International Luxury Hotel & Travel Association, a position through which she continues to shape luxury travel standards and experiences worldwide.

An accomplished author, Renée-Marie has enriched the professional world with her insightful publications, encompassing pivotal titles such as "Developing International Patient Centers," "Best Practices in Facilitation," "Medical Tourism for Insurers and Employers," and the compelling "Engaging Wellness: Corporate Wellness Programs that Work." Through her writing, consulting, and leadership, Renée-Marie Stephano continues to be a transformative force, redefining the contours of global healthcare and wellness industries.

Renée-Marie has a personal passion for snowboarding, scuba diving, hiking, traveling, and any minute spent with her family.