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GHA Provides a Platform to Success

The Global Healthcare Accreditation ® (GHA) Program offers customized client services supporting the improvement efforts of healthcare organizations focused on medical travel.

Organizations seeking to prepare for an accreditation site visit can take advantage of services designed to aid in meeting and adhering to GHA core competencies and related standards.

GHA program executives collaborate with global healthcare leaders in implementing consistently used best practices across the medical travel care continuum.. The official benchmarking of performance and the ongoing improvement initiatives for individual organizations are the key priorities in providing the medical travel industry with clearly defined standards and definitions.

Our client services are offered in the following areas:

Accreditation Services

The GHA Program offers accreditation services specific to the GHA standards. Our standards establish the best practice framework for the medical travel industry, hospitals, and ambulatory services.


Advisory Services

The GHA Program offers custom advisory services built upon our core competencies, preparatory services, and topics related to the entire medical travel care continuum.


Custom Education Services

Our custom education services are reflective of an organization’s current needs, priorities, staff capacity, and long-term goals.


Medical Travel Care Continuum

GHA can assist organizations by providing Medical Travel Care Continuum (MTCC) Optimization Services, ensuring each stage along the MTCC is aligned with the needs and expectations of your traveling patient populations.

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