Australia's Queensland Considers Lockdown after Cluster of COVID-19 Cases Detected

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  • Queensland, third most populous state in Australia, said Saturday it may order a lockdown soon as clusters of COVID-19 cases rise in the state
  • State officials said they had detected five new infections in the last 24 hours after a whole family tested positive
  • Authorities say they would watch the trend over the next few days to determine if the state should go on a lockdown. State Premier said if any seeding is observed, they may consider some drastic measure, including a lockdown, to stop the spread
  • Already, New South Wales, as well as the cities of Melbourne and Canberra, are on lockdown for months now, following a surge in daily infections
  • The country recorded 2,077 new infections on Saturday, about 200 cases more than the previous day's record. Most of those cases were recorded in New South Wales, officials said