Personal Protection Equipment & Medical Supplies

April 10, 2020

Global Healthcare Resources, our strategic partner, has been working to source PPE supplies for governments, hospitals and companies in the regions currently being hit hardest by Covid-19, as well as providing educational resources. We would like to share a message and link they recently sent out in case there are healthcare providers interested in obtaining more information.

Over the last 45 days Global Healthcare Resources has been committed to helping organizations prepare and fight the COVID-19 pandemic by providing both education and insights from the world leading experts as well as access to the critical supplies that organizations need, from PPE to ventilators and everything in between. We have worked diligently through our global network of governments and hospitals to develop a reliable supply chain of verified FDA and CE certified manufacturers of PPE to provide the needed supplies as fast as possible to those in need. We are opening that channel to you now.

While authorities have gone back and forth over the need for all persons to wear masks, we have been strong activists, sourcing PPE for healthcare staff and the public at large over the last two months. Now as the narrative changes and critically needed supplies are dwindling, it is more important than ever to assure access to the most reliable source of products. Let us help you.

If you are in need of medical supplies and gear, you can submit an inquiry here.

We will prevail through this crisis if we can come together not just as a nation, but as a global community of many nations.