Biden Warns that U.S. May Run Out of Vaccine this Fall If Funding Stops

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  • President Joe Biden warned Wednesday that the United States will not have enough COVID-19 vaccine shots for all Americans this fall if Congress fails to pass the $22.5 billion in extra funding the administration requested
  • Biden noted that the country only had enough supply to ensure people eligible for their fourth shots receive them. This comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended an additional Pfizer or Moderna shot for people ages 50 and older and second shot for persons with compromised immune systems
  • “We do have significant concerns about whether we would have enough vaccine if we were to do a general population boost campaign in the fall, particularly if we’re going to need a variant-specific vaccine,” said Dawn O'Connell, a top official at the Health and Human Services Department
  • Official data reveals that new hospitalizations and infections have declined more than 90 percent from the peak of the winter omicron surge in January
  • Congress has failed to reach an agreement on the $15 billion in COVID-19 funding, which is lower than what the White House requested. Republicans and Democrats are yet to agree on the best line of action. While the Republicans want to cover any new spending by cutting funds already appropriated for state and local governments, Democrats have rejected that demand