Bulgarian Stakeholders Keen on Enhancing the Country’s Medical Travel Reputation

Ms. Karen Timmons and Mr. Bill Cook, GHA's Chief Executive Officer and Director of Business Development & Marketing, respectively, presented a workshop on Best Practices in Medical Travel and Destination Development in Sophia, Bulgaria on June 18th.  The workshop was arranged in partnership with Ms. Uliana Kanelli, GHA’s representative in Bulgaria and supported by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The goal of the workshop was to raise awareness of the challenges traveling patients face when seeking treatments outside of their region or country and look at best practices healthcare and hospitality providers can implement to ensure an outstanding patient and guest experience. Participants included representatives from hospitals, dental clinics, hotels, spas, as well as chambers of commerce. Karen and Bill emphasized the importance of all stakeholders – from the government to the private sector – working together to facilitate a high-quality patient and guest experience as a prerequisite for building a strong destination brand. After the workshop, Karen and Bill participated in meetings and site visits.

*Medical travel is also commonly known as medical tourism or health tourism.