Life Care Consultants Achieves GHA For Business Accreditation

August 30, 2022

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA August 30 2022 — Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) is pleased to announce that Life Care Consultants, a leading health and training provider in New Zealand, has earned GHA For Business Accreditation.


Since 1994, and with eight locations, Life Care Consultants has been offering New Zealanders state-of-the-art workplace training, assessments and seminars that prioritize employee health, safety, and well-being. From first responder/first aid training to workplace health checks and almost everything in between, Life Care Consultants is focused on one single purpose: “to improve Kiwis’ well-being, safety, and health, in every way we can.”


Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) recently launched GHA For Business, which provides an external validation of an organization's commitment to the safety, health, and well-being of its employees, customers, and visitors. Its framework is designed for any organization focused on return-to-work strategies, sustaining a culture of resiliency, and developing a more purposeful vision, mission, and values around safety, health, and well-being. GHA For Business is the first and only accreditation of its kind to help businesses achieve and maintain a more resilient corporate strategy.


“I started Life Care Consultants for one simple reason: to make a difference where it really matters–to people’s lives. In today’s working environment it is more important than ever for companies to proactively manage both the physical and psychological challenges that employees face. People who are supported, motivated, and equipped are best positioned to overcome obstacles and succeed. We chose GHA For Business as it was a comprehensive accreditation process which enabled us to compare and be assessed against global leaders. GHA’s framework compliments the priorities which Life Care values and the process was both seamless and informative. The changes we have made due to the accreditation process have added real value to our employees and our clients.” Said Janet Brothers, Life Care Consultants’ Managing Director.


GHA For Business Guidelines assist businesses in understanding the critical issues in safety and well-being such as:

·        Implementing best practices in reopening the physical workplace.

·        Developing a more purposeful vision that prioritizes employee engagement and well-being

·        Developing resilient corporate policies that ensure minimum disruption and maximized profit through operational efficiency and safety.

·        Improving employee retention and attraction by demonstrating to current and future employees a commitment to their safety and well-being.

·        Promoting a corporate culture of trust, confidence, and connection between employee and employer, increasing workforce productivity.

·        Aligning healthcare and well-being benefits with needs of a post-pandemic workforce.

·        Determining practical business practices in a remote, or semi-remote environment.

·        Developing staff training, education, and competency prioritizing safety and well-being

·        Addressing employee mental, behavioral, and emotional well-being


Ms. Renée-Marie Stephano, GHA’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “Employers hiring top talent and driving employee retention must move beyond thinking of health and well-being as simply nice-to-have. These are critical building blocks for organizational resilience. GHA For Business supports building the kind of resiliency that is flexible for any type of organization and prioritizes both process and the employees’ health and well-being. We congratulate Life Care Consultants for achieving the GHA For Business accreditation and for its commitment to the safety, health and well-being of its employees and customers.”


GHA also issued Organizational Resiliency Guidelines for return-to-work strategies and to improve corporate resiliency to assist businesses in evaluating and improving their workplace policies, whether in-person, remote, or a hybrid model.


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