Janice Halkovich, MSN, RN

JanHalkovich brings years of experience to GHA, with a focus on healthcare qualityand process improvement, including Lean Six Sigma methodology. She hasexpertise in healthcare accreditation, both domestically and internationally.Most recently she was Associate Director International Accreditation for JointCommission International (JCI). In her tenure at JCI, she participated oninternal process improvements, functioned as the organization and surveyorliaison for post survey activities, and also  served as a nurse surveyor.  

Examplesof process improvements include increasing tracer time for internationalsurveyors during an international survey rather than reviewing documents andimplementing the Survey Analysis for Evaluation Risk (SAFER) matrix for internationalorganizations. The SAFER Matrix is a methodology that visually depicts thesurvey findings with the most risk for the surveyed organizations.

Priorto JCI, Jan was the Survey Accreditation Facilitator for the Captain James A.Lovell Federal Health Care Center, which was the first integration of healthcare between the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.In this role, she prepared, coordinated, facilitated, and responded to manyquality surveys, including the Joint Commission, CARF, and the Office ofInspector General for both agencies. She has experience in Lean Six Sigma andhas led many process improvement efforts at many organizations.