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Certification of Conformance with GHA COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programs

Certification of Conformance with GHA COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programs


As travel restrictions begin to ease, patients will seek healthcare organizations that can demonstrate how they are mitigating the risk of COVID-19 infection throughout the patient journey including travel, transportation and hotel stay. The Certification of Conformance with GHA COVID-19 Guidelines demonstrates to patients, buyers and other key stakeholders that a medical travel program’s (located within a hospital or ambulatory center) operational protocols, practices and procedures have undergone an external review and reflect international best practices designed to keep traveling patients safe as operations resume during or post COVID-19.  

At a dynamic time, the guidelines are designed to assist medical travel programs to keep current as they operate within a ‘new normal’, with a philosophy of risk mitigation along the entire medical travel care continuum, including pre-arrival, travel, accommodations, admission and treatment, discharge and follow up home. The Certification of Conformance also includes a 2 hour online training on the guidelines which is available to all employees of a hospital or ambulatory center, especially for staff working in the medical travel program. You can learn more about the training by clicking here. Hospitals or ambulatory centers that purchase the Certification of Conformance will receive a special username and password to access the training.

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Benefits of the Program

GHA’s Certification of Compliance with COVID-19 Guidelines will:

Confidence and Trust

Provide a third-party external validation that your medical travel program has effective systems, work processes and protocols in place to mitigate risk, facilitating the confidence and trust of patients, buyers and key stakeholders.

Communication with Patients

Facilitate transparency with patients by communicating appropriate and specific protocols for travel and accommodation prior to and post travel, as well as during admission and treatment, including testing and visitor guidelines.

Education and Training

Educate and train medical travel program staff by providing guidance on work protocols, processes and systems designed to mitigate risk and facilitate safety, along the entire care continuum, including pre-arrival, travel, admission, treatment and post discharge.

Hotel Accommodation

Assure hotels accommodating your medical travel patients follow internationally recognized guidelines for sanitation and safety.

Timeframe to Achieve the Certification

It is anticipated that the timeframe for completion should be 2 or more weeks depending on the level of preparedness of the organization.

Certification Process

The organization decides to move forward



Application & payment

Complete Online Readiness Assessment


Submit requested documents


Virtual Validation Interview


Certification of Conformance Award


*A Complimentary Online Training on the Guidelines is included with the Certification of Conformance. For a step by step description of the certification process, download the Certification of Conformance Guide. We also recommend reviewing the eligibility requirements below and the Sample Readiness Assessment PDF prior to beginning the Certification process. The Online Readiness Assessment will be sent to you to complete, once you have submitted your application and payment.


Hospitals Ambulatory Centers
Certification Fee (valid for 3 years) $1,950.00 USD $1,250.00 USD
Annual fee (end of 1st & 2nd years) $300.00 USD $250.00 USD

Eligibility Requirements for Certification of Conformance with GHA COVID-19 Guidelines:

Hospitals or ambulatory centers eligible must meet the following requirements:

The hospital or ambulatory center, such as an ambulatory surgery or dental clinic is currently licensed by relevant regulatory agencies to operate and provide patient services. There are no contingencies or restrictions on the license.

The hospital or ambulatory center has a defined or formal medical travel program, which is responsible for the care coordination of patients who travel for their care, whether internationally or domestically, or who seek care and treatment from the program for other reasons.

The medical travel program has one or more individuals identified as accountable for the daily operations of the program and the quality of the services provided.

All clinical services are provided by currently licensed, competent health professionals.

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