GHA For Business

Assuring Safety, Health, ​and Well-being​

Accreditation for Organizations Who Want to Validate Commitment to Safety, Health, and Well-being

An External Validation

Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) provides an external validation of an organization’s commitment to the safety, health, and well-being of its employees, customers, and visitors. GHA’s For Business is designed for any organization focused on returning to work and building and sustaining a culture of resiliency against a variety of health and safety risks in the future.


Return to Business in a Post-Pandemic World

As organizations and employees adjust to the next normal, lasting influences of this era will impact the shape of business forever. Successful organizations react by introducing new ways to engage staff, prioritizing the safety, health, and well-being of their workforce. ​​
Employees need to have trust and confidence that their employers make it a mission to protect them in order to return to work. ​​Customers and visitors seek the same from businesses they engage with. ​​Raising the cultural standards to a more purposeful mission, focusing on employees and customers alike is the new expectation.
Employees need to have confidence that their employers have made it a mission to protect their health and well-being in order to return to work. And, research shows purpose and profit are positively linked, with consumers more likely to purchase from companies they feel are doing good for society (having a purpose) and will pay a premium for brands that contribute to the community. 

Confidence in the Seal

The GHA For Business seal provides confidence that ​an organization prioritizes employee, customer, and visitor health. ​We believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy, safe environment ​to ensure great productivity, great business practices, and great experience.


GHA For Business Provides:

Third Party Validation

Confirm your organization's dedication to safety, health and well-being through and external, third party validation demonstrating ​compliance with best practices, regulations, and guidelines.

Build Confidence & Trust

Employees, customers, and visitors will return to work and benefit from clear, transparent, and informed policies and planning, mitigation of infection risk, maintenance of a safe working environment, and prioritization of employee health and well-being.​

Develop, Adapt, Verify​

Develop, adapt and verify your plan, policies, and protocols through authoritative guidelines and best practices to assure  a safe return to work while meeting the demands and expectations of employees, customers, and visitors.​

Achieve an Edge

GHA For Business is a unique accreditation that provides a competitive edge in building ​trust and confidence to improve employee retention, recruitment, and to build loyalty with ​customers and visitors.

Accreditation Elements

  • Element 1 – Organizational Commitment Statement
  • Element 2 – Leadership Roles andResponsibilities
  • Element 3 – Quality Improvement
  • Element 4 – Staff Training and Competency
  • Element 5 – Goals, Objectives, and Targets
  • Element 6 – Safety Conformity and Compliance
  • Element 7 – Clearly Defined Policies and Procedures
  • Element 8 – Meetings and Travel
  • Element 9 – Effective Communication Plan and Processes
  • Element 10 – Physical Environment
  • Element 11 – Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
  • Element 12 – Risk Management
  • Element 13 – PhysicalHealth Benefits
  • Element 14 – Commitment to Physical, Behavior, Mental, and Emotional Well-being
  • Element 15 – Commitment to Financial Well-being
  • Element 16 – Benefits Alignment


Travel & Transportation
Restaurant & Grocery
Healthcare / Medical
Professional Services
Real Estate
Any organization with or without physical location


3 Year fee
Annual Fee
Number of employees
Under 50 employees
51-999 employees
1,000-4,999 employees
5,000-9,999 employees
10,000-99,999 employees
Over 100,000 employees
Multiple locations with be treated as a network and if policies are unified throughout the networked locations, a sample percentage of locations will be reviewed and billed for accreditation per number of employees at each location. Network pricing will be determined at the time of application. 

*Reaccreditation Fee at year 3 will be billed at number of employees at the time of reaccreditation.

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